Braven Balance July 07 2015

The BRAVEN BALANCE is a wireless Bluetooth® speaker with rich, warm bass optimization technology wrapped in a waterproof exterior. Designed for portability, toss the BALANCE in a backpack, sports tote or day bag to stream your favorite music anywhere. The BALANCE plays for an impressive 18 hours and features Boost Mode, to instantly surge to a full power outdoor setting, ideal for large areas. Complete with built-in speakerphone and a 4000mAh internal battery to charge your smartphone or tablet, Braven's BALANCE is the crossover speaker you've been waiting for.

The Balance features a non-slip coating that combined with its IPX5 waterproof rating, make it perfect for poolside or even creekside while camping. It has a 4400mAh battery for hours of playback and it can also charge other portable devices. The Balance has a built-in noise-cancelling microphone so it functions as a waterproof speaker phone. The thin profile makes it easy to take along to work or play.

“Music and fitness go hand in hand, they help you maintain a balanced mind, body and soul,” said Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive. “The Balance is the perfect speaker for the active mobile lifestyle. It unites smart design with functionality by having a slim shape to fit into any bag or backpack and the power to get your adrenaline going.”

Braven X Burton Speakers May 19 2015

BRAVEN Announces New Bluetooth Speaker Collaboration With Burton Snowboards

Braven the leader in outdoor speaker technology, announces an exclusive partnership with Burton Snowboards, the world’s leading snowboard company, to launch a new line of co-branded, portable Bluetooth speakers for superb audio: BRAVEN’s BRV-1 and BRV-X ultra-rugged, waterproof speakers.

An outdoor winter speaker set is being brought out to play this week by Burton and Braven, a combination of brands the likes of which the market has never seen before. Braven is a brand we've seen before - they make fine speakers of all kinds. Burton is also a brand we've seen before - they make fantastic winter clothing, creating some of the finest jackets known to snowboard-kind. Together they're making a unique set of speakers prepared for the snow, the cold, and the icy, unforgiving air of the slopes.

Heralded for their superior ruggedness, plethora of features and outstanding sound quality, the compact BRV-1 and battle-ready BRV-X can withstand even the hardest elements. Ideal for riders and those who love the outdoors, both wireless Bluetooth speakers enjoy an IPX7 certified waterproof rating and can transform into a battery bank to charge USB devices to stay powered up while on the go.

The collaboration between Burton and BRAVEN further establishes our best-selling speakers as the preferred options for adventures. Burton is the absolute authority in winter sport culture and this collaboration is a unique opportunity to take our signature sound to new heights… literally.