Street Value is a sales and distribution partner for global brands servicing the greater China market. For more than 15 years we have successfully built world renowned consumer electronics and lifestyle brands. We excel at growing young brands with compelling stories into category leaders with our dedication, passion, great people and a unique understanding of the complexities of the region.




China is an exciting opportunity for any brand. 1.4 billion people with growing spending power cant be ignored. China is also also a huge geographical market,  highly competitive, fast changing and culturally diverse. Many brands have failed. Many brands have lost control of their brand story through poor distribution partners, inappropriate sales channels and mismanaged pricing strategies. For more than a decade we have been helping global brands navigate this challenging business environment.

Market Knowledge

We build brand value utilising our extensive understanding of consumers in our markets and our award winning marketing programs. We help our brand partners develop their China strategy from brand positioning and marketing  through to sales channel management and price segmentation.

Seamless Infrastructure

Using latest technologies including CRM and WMS we are able to service our retail partners with same day stock replenishment in most cases. We work very closely with our partners to ensure demand and supply efficiency. From your warehouse to the store shelves, technologies are used to make the process almost seamless and this is just another reason why we are the preferred supplier to many of the most successful retailers in the region.

Ideal Strategy

We tell your brand story consistently to consumers across all sales and marketing channels in China. We work with you to manage your expectations and to be realistic about the investment required to succeed. We will nurture and protect your brand using the ideal strategy to ensure that it succeeds over the long term.

Network Partners

Having been involved in the launch and growth of so many successful brands in the region and over such a long period of time we are well connected and highly respected in the audio and consumer electronics industry. We have great relationships with partners across many industries and we are well placed to advise new startup brands on manufacturing, product positioning, global distribution and marketing strategy.