Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless June 02 2015

Welcome to the first wireless headphone from URBANEARS family which set you free when you are getting mad with the tangled cords. It comes with a built in microphone, a swipe interface on the ear cup allows you to control the headphone and hang/ reject call directly. It is ready for 14-hours solid playtime before recharging. Add lots of cool and innovative features like the machine washable headband, collapsible structure, ZoundPlug and equalizer and you have yourself a match made in headphone heaven.

Just like the regular Plattan ADV these headphones provide an ergonomically improved custom fit through the 3D-hinge functionality. The ear cushions smoothly adjusts to the user’s ears and head and they are engineered to be worn for hours on end. Since the Plattan ADV Wireless belongs to the Urbanears family it also comes with other handy features such as the ZoundPlug for instant music sharing and the collapsible structure for easy storage3D.

Introducing Plattan ADV November 28 2014

A Classic Redefined for a New Generation

With the release of Plattan in 2009, Urbanears changed the way the world saw headphones. Elevating headphones from the realm of chromed plastics to a colorful fashion acces- sory paved the way for a new generation of electronics – a generation where form is just as important as function.

Urbanears is changing the game once again with a new release that takes a classic, rein- vents it and pumps it full of innovative features like a washable headband, 3D Hinge and an interchangeable cable.

Retaining Plattan’s original spirit of minimalism, the design of Plattan ADV is more modern, with a slimmer, cleaner profile. Plattan ADV features a hinge that facilitates adaption to the users’ ears and head. The headband is size adjustable as well, with a snap-in-place-construction to prevent it from slipping. Designed to be even lighter than the original Plattan, Plattan ADV is super comfort- able to wear even for hours on end.

Plattan ADV incorporates custom engineered 40mm neodymium speaker drivers with optimally shaped thin PEN membranes (19um) and lightweight voice coils (78mg) for maximum performance across the entire audio spectrum. If you’re a fan of real punchy bass, clean mid-range and detailed and extended highs you’re in for a treat – Plattan ADV provides a sound richer than your dirty grandpa.

The flexible hinge and soft ear cushions not only gives superb comfort but also an acoustically tight fit that translates to good sound isolation. You will disturb less and be less disturbed. The soft tight fit also helps to deliver a really deep bass, all the way down to 10Hz, with lots of power due to low acoustic leakage.

The excellent dynamics between the high and low frequencies creates a balanced, open and clear sound that improves the music listening experience weather you live for the emphatic beats in heavy metal or sail to the sounds of smooth jazz.