Vifa Copenhagen


Copenhagen is the first wireless speaker from VIFA. Though the Danish company has over 80 years experience making loudspeaker components, they rebranded as a consumer audio company, with Copenhagen leading the way as their debut product—more will follow, with each earning the name of a different Nordic capital. Merging Bang & Olufsen's minimalism with Jambox's fun energy, the Copenhagen speaker is simply gorgeous, especially up close in person. Stripped of all but the essentials and wrapped in premium Kvadrat textiles, all has been whittled down to a few buttons (two of which are embroidered) and rear openings for plugs. Plus, it sounds as great as it looks, too.


The Nordic design of Copenhagen is reflected in its shape and in the choice of materials. Contrasts interplay with each other; the warm, rough ‘look and feel’ of the textile against the smooth, matte polished aluminum frame. The discretely embossed logo and embroidered volume buttons complement the understated look of Copenhagen. 

Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles, Kvadrat, has produced the special-woven textile cover. Kvadrat’s sense of quality and the longevity of their textiles match the Vifa brand perfectly.


To highlight your experience, Copenhagen comes in six selected colors. Each color has its own vibrant character. Energetic, elegant or understated. 

Choose the one you desire the most