Surplus Leo

Surplus Leo adds a dash of inner city earthiness to the mix, resulting in a spin on a familiar style that’s perfect for everyday wear. In addition, this special edition comes with all the features you’ve come to expect from the Urbanears Plattan, like a fully collapsible structure, a built-in mic and remote and the ZoundPlug for instant music sharing. Rawr.

Muted backdrops with splashes of contrasting colors add a twist to the classic animal print motifs in the Urbanears Safari Grunge Collection.

Packed with innovative features, Urbanears Plattan headphones are specifically designed for rich, secluded sound. They have a classic full size, fully cushioned on-ear construction for a comfortable listening experience. The headphones are also completely foldable and reduce down to the size of a fist so you can pack them easily away. There’s also a unique ZoundPlug on the earcap that lets you share your favourite tunes with a friend.


  • On-ear designFor comfort during extended listening sessions.
  • 40mm driversDeliver powerful audio.
  • ZoundPlug built-in splitterAllows a friend to plug into your headphones to share in the listening experience.
  • Collapsible designOffers easy storage and portability.
  • 3.9' tangle-resistant cordProvides plenty of length for comfortable listening while helping to keep the cord neat.
  • Compatible with most electronic devices with a 3.5mm jack Including 5th-generation Apple® iPod® models for easy control over your music.
  • Integrated remote with microphoneAllows you to answer and hang up calls using a variety of mobile phones, including select Apple iPhone®, HTC and BlackBerry models.
  • 20Hz - 20kHz frequency responseFor faithful sound reproduction.
  • 115db sensitivity Helps ensure robust sound.
  • 60 ohms impedanceEfficiently conducts power

The Safari Grunge Collection

The collection feature three unique patterns designed specially for the stylish urban animal. Get your paws on: Space Giraffe, Acid Zebra and Surplus Leo. Rawr. Plattan Editions are very limited releases and collectibles of style.

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