Our success is built on the strength of our relationships with our retail partners and a deep understanding of their needs and of their customers. We continue to expand our existing partnerships and open new retail channels by supplying exciting brands and new product offerings using our seamless supply infrastructure.


We work with over 1000 premium stores and specialty retailers across China, Hong Kong and Macau. Our strong merchandising and marketing team work closely with all our retail partners to ensure that brands are prominently positioned, well promoted and properly merchandised so that your brand story is effectively communicated to the consumers in-stores.


From mobile service operators, banks, hotels, casinos and airlines to music streaming services and rewards programs we collaborate with complimentary brands in many industries to add perceived value and extended reach for your brand.


Over the last 13 years we have been on the frontlines of China's transition into a digital economy. We have extensive experience in digital marketing and e-commerce strategy having built and operated digital storefronts and social media on all the major e-commerce platforms in China for our brand partners.


The consumers experience with your brand goes well beyond the original purchase. We expertly handle after sales services with all the care and suport that you would want for your customers. Our customer service hotline and service and repair centres are led by our customer service team who care deeply about the satisfaction of our customers. We believe that handling their needs attentively creates loyal and lifelong customers.