In the last few decades, the city of Stockholm has fostered and nurtured several iconic companies which today are considered synonymous with its vivid atmosphere. We too were inspired by its vibrance and wanted to embrace our Swedish heritage while creating the Sudio brand. In the same way it has propelled other companies to achieve incredible success, we believe remaining true to our Scandinavian roots has helped us get to where we are today.


Each Sudio model is carefully crafted with our consumer’s preference at the top of mind. Our timeless design is suitable for every occasion, whether you are listening to music on your way to a black tie event or enjoying a sunny day in shorts and a polo. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the Sudio sound piece will be your elegant companion.


Sound is vibrations which propagate through a medium - air. The objective of an earphone is to mimic the original vibrations that were generated when the piece of sound was recorded.
The most common mistake when taking on the challenge of reproducing sound is forgetting that it is a human who will be subjectively judging whether or not the sound is high fidelity. To understand the art of sound, one has to first study the psychoacoustics of the human species.


With the science of humans perception of sound as a background, one can start to make informative choices about how to maximize the user’s sound experience. At Sudio, we always start with defining the experience we want to achieve and from that, we create and refine the technical specifications corresponding to that experience.