Introducing a whole new concept of sports headphones

Urbanears took a huge portion their DNA, added sporty elements to enhance both function and style and created their first sporty headphones that’ll fit your everyday actions, whether it’s your workout or workday that makes you break a sweat. 

Reimers is a sporty ear bud like you’ve never seen before; it features the unique EarClick solution that ensures a sweat-resistant and yet comfortable listening.

It simply stays in place and adjusts after your ears. We’ve also built in a handy mic- and re­mote available for Apple and Android. The reflective cable keeps you visible for activities in the dark, like dancing, a dusky jogging session or when running to catch the late-night bus.


  • Ear click solution
  • Built in Mic and Remote
  • Reflective Cable
  • Compatible models for Android and Apple



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