Exploration into the fine products of Efficiency

Focused Space is a premium brand owned by San Diego based accessories powerhouse, The Wheat Group. The brand was founded by the vision of the Wheat Group’s Chief Creative Officer Bryan Grismer. Focused Space is an exploration into the Fine Products of Efficiency. The brand was created as a journey into functional fashion; a way to keep everything in its place and to look good doing so. From the beginning of design and concept, Grismer’s goal was to elevate how we transport and organize our technology.

The Focused space range incorporates some very personal inspiration for the Grismer Family that traces back to a family farm in Hosmer, South Dakota. “The Jacob Grismer and Sons silo dates back to the early 1950′s and exists today as a symbol of our family roots,” Says Grismer. “The Focused Space Brand is an homage to the era of Americana and the timeless aesthetic of modernist design. This celebration of heritage can be seen in such products as the Elk Silo bag. Made of a woven upholstery fabric and fashioned to resemble a livestock feed bag, the Silo reveals unexpected constructions that stand as a salutation to America’s pastoral traditions.

Bryan Grismer spent the last 20 years of his career designing and directing product for many of the top brands in retail. Throughout this journey, his passion for product has taken him to many great places and fueled a unique concept of style.

The Focused Space Brand is the culmination of a career in product and Grismer’s chance to leave a thumbprint on the next generation of style curators.

- Stay Focused - 

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